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Food Truck Fit Stop

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Welcome to the ACC Cross Country Carnival’s “Food Truck Fit Stop.” The Food Truck Fit Stop will be made up of a convoy of 10 funky food trucks, offering a variety of fresh and fit food and drink options to fuel your engine.

Fuel stations will be provided by:

  • Coffee/Hot Drink vans: Perth Coffee Express
  • Boost Juice van
  • Mr Soft Serve Ice Cream van
  • Food Vans: Pasta Cup, The Wooden Box (fusion), Nicely Spiced (wraps), Mojito Cantina (Mexican), The Pizza Van.  

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Event Details:

When: Thursday 1st June, 9:30m to 1:30pm

Where: Alderbury Reserve Floreat (in front of the YMCC Hockey club house)

With over 3,000 runners and hundreds of officials and spectators to feed there will be plenty of choices available. Runners will be able to find fast and light pre-race snacks, as well as more sizeable post-race recovery meals. Hot and cold drinks, sports bars and raw slices and balls will also be available.

Menus: Meals will be priced between $3 and $15 and every van will have at least one low cost option to choose if you’re on a tight budget. Click the menu link to see exactly what will be on offer.

Fuel station Fit Stop Trucks.

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