Year 7-9







Year 7-9

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The Winter Lightning Carnivals are held at the Year 7, 8 & 9 levels and involve modified winter sports. The carnivals are run during Term 2. Schools have shown a tendency to involve their full year groups for the Year 7/8/9 carnivals. However, if a school chooses to involve a portion of that group, participation is still highly encouraged. All options carry the same responsibilities with regard to staffing and supervision.

In 2018, the carnivals will involve Year 7 students based on a stand alone day. Schools will also be able to then select which day they wish to nominate for the Year 8/9 carnivals.

Year 7- Monday 

Year 8/9a - Tuesday 

Year 8/9b - Wednesaday 

Sports currently offered at the winter carnivals are:

Boys: Soccer, Football (AFL), Rugby Union

Girls: Netball, Soccer, Football (AFLW)

Mixed: Touch, Frisbee

No Limits: Mixed Netball (Wednesday)