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Orientation Day

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Each year the ACC conducts an Orientation Day for staff who are new to the management of ACC sport. 

The orientation day comprises two parts; Orientation Seminar and GoJaro Workshop. The day is designed to familiarize new staff with the management and communication systems which are used by the ACC.

Orientation: this seminar will cover the following ACC information:

  • History
  • Membership
  • Finance/Fees/Invoicing
  • Web Site
  • Events/Dates
  • Constitution/Policies
  • Charters
  • Communication/Meetings
  • Key Tasks: nomination of teams/officials etc..

 GoJaro Workshop: Following the Orientation seminar there will be a computer workshop on the use of the GoJaro Result entry system for Interschool Sport. Schools involved in RKAS, SASJ, NAS, SAS, CAS, NWAS & NEAS that have new staff not familiar with this system should attend the Gojaro workshop. Two sessions will be conducted;


2.00-3.00pm: NEAS/NAS/NWAS

Staff can choose to attend the Orientation Seminar and/or the GoJaro workshop. 


There will be a cost for catering at the seminars/workshops. To register  please complete the on-line form on the web site.  Attendees at the Orientation Seminar will be provided with morning tea ($15). Orientation & GoJaro workshop attendees have the option to request lunch ($25) as part of their registration.  Schools will be invoiced by the ACC for these costs.