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All Stars Team

The Swimming All Stars Team is an "All ACC" honorary team consisting of the best two performers in each event across all divisions of carnival. In relay events the best four indvidual 50m performers are selected. All students selected in the All Stars team are presented with a badge and certificate of acknowledgment from the ACC. Age champions and record breakers are also acknowledged with a certificate from the ACC. Outstanding students that achieve the feat of All Star selection in the same sport for four years will be eligible to receive ACC Letters.

The All Stars team is listed in a pdf file and can be downloaded from the following link.

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All Time List of ACC Letters Awards (as at June 2023)
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11:59pm 15th Jun 2023
All Time List of All Stars (as at June 2023)
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9:18am 16th Jun 2023
Swimming All Stars Team by Event 2023
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Swimming All Stars Team by School 2023
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